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        Internationalisation Issues

This page points the reader to pages providing information on some of the internationalisation activities currently ongoing in various European working groups.

The MAITS project is a consortium formed to specify an Application Programming Interface (API) for multilingual applications in the telematics services. A number of telematic applications, such as X.500, WWW, X.400, internet mail and data bases, are planned to be enhanced to use this i18n API and products are planned to be implemented using the API.

The MAITS page above also has a useful reference to much Internationalisation activity in many working groups.

The MAY project has been set up to develope a multilingual on-line service that will provide natural language access to a European yellow pages directory.

The MULTIDOC initiative is concerned with multilingual document processing within the European automotive industry.

The APOLLO project has been set up to provide an open workbench for multilingual document creation and maintenance in the sector of banking and finance.

Issue 9 of Ariadne, the Print and Web newsletter/magazine for librarians and Information Scientists, contains an interesting note on internationalisation of HTML and HTTP.