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        Other TAP Projects

EuroView is funded by the Telematics for Administrations initiative within the European Telematics Application Programme. This page points the reader to the home pages of various projects that are also currently being funded by this initiative. Although not directly relevant to EuroView, these pages may be of some interest as the projects are all attempting to overcome many of the same ongoing security and internationalisation problems that EuroView is currently facing.

The Euregional Multi-Media Information exchange (EMMI) project was set up to enhance and stimulate cooperation between police forces in their daily work within a European region.

The Global Retrieval, Access and information System for Property items (GRASP) is a project which addresses the problems involved in sharing information about property.

The Multi-media Information Network for Tourism (MINTour) is a project which aims to provide tourism information to travellers, private industry and public administrations.

The RAINBOW project has been set up to design an object network for statisticians and administrators.

The TAPPE project has been set up to develope solutions for specified operations within the framework of Public Procurement in Europe.
    The InfoVille project is a Digital Sites Project aiming to involve the citizens in the Information Society by establishing a large scale demonstration and evaluation of the use of cross-sector telematics supported by an intergration platform.

     The TourITst project to test and demonstrate best regional practice in using information and communications technology to strengthen the economic benefits of tourism and marketing.