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        Directory Services

This page provides access to some of the X.500 directory services that have been implemented (past and present) and directs the reader to pages containing related information.

Introducing a Directory Service - this is a link to the final report of the SURFnet X.500 introduction project. It attempts to convey the experience gained from the pilot project to future implementors of an organisational directory service.

NameFLOW Paradise is a pilot directory service based on X.500 technology. It is the biggest X.500 pilot project running on the internet and is managed by DANTE.  Access to the NameFLOW Paradise directory is publicly available, as well as information on the forthcoming X.500(93) pilot.

Dante In Print is a collection of papers relating to services offered by DANTE. There are several papers relevant to directories, and many relevant to international networking.

To date, two pilot directory services have been implemented as part of the EuroView project. One for the DTI in the UK and the other for the CCTA also in the UK.

FORTHnet is the Hellenic Telecommunications And Telematics Application Company.

Public Administrations by Helsinki Telephone Corporation. More information will be available by the end of 1998.