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Zenoss Core 6.3.2 zensyslog virtual IP for multiple hosts

Subject: Zenoss Core 6.3.2 zensyslog virtual IP for multiple hosts
Author: Matt Athey
Posted: 2021-02-07 14:40


My install consists of 3 hosts; 1 master and 2 delegates in a Zookeeper Ensemble. I have configured the virtual IP for zensyslog as per the instructions, and all appears to be working well except for syslogs generated from the current virtual IP host do not propagate into the Zenoss device for that host.

I have all 3 hosts monitored on the installation, and the 2 hosts that are not currently 'hosting' the virtual IP generate and propagate syslog messages fine; only the server that is hosting the virtual IP that is not listing syslog messages in its modeled device.

I have tested with different servers acting as the Host for the virtual IP, and same situation occurs. Only the virtual IP host cannot load syslog events into the Event tab on its modeled device.

Perhaps this has to do with the default configuration of rsyslog and the fact that there are 2 IP addresses on eth0 for the current host. Maybe rsyslog needs to be altered on the 3 hosts in order to handle logging of itself when it is the 'host'?

Any thoughts would be appreciated,

Thank you

Matt Athey
Operations Manager

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