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Need a Template for Monitoring IP Card

Subject: Need a Template for Monitoring IP Card
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2017-03-03 06:53

Good day Everyone in the Zenoss community,

I need some assistance please, I recently started in our Functional support division in my company where I have two separate duties I need to assist and attend to, Primary is our Call centre Aspect telephone Systemand the secondary department is our IT monitoring department. The help I need on is that there is a part in both environments that need to be integrated. Our monitoring department does indeed use Zenoss Core 3.1 (Which they tell me they are going to install/upgrade to the latest version). In our Aspect Telephone system There is a VoIP Card which needs to be monitored. Now what I need support or assistance on is that the other members instructed me to find out regarding a template that can be used to be able to monitor the VoIP Card for situations for when it might go off or fail, they informed me that they cannot see/find any template that they currently have to use, as we have tested multiple templates with the VoIP Card IP Address, when switching it off manually, there is no notification regarding the card being off.

If someone can please give any advice or assist in this matter it will be Highly appreciated, this is actually my first time adding or asking in a forum, let alone about an open source application.

Thanks in advance.

Subject: You will need to do research
Author: Jay Stanley
Posted: 2017-03-03 08:06

You will need to do research on the phone system and how that information can be pulled. (Snmp, API, etc)

Once you have that information you can setup monitoring in Zenoss.

What is the model of the system

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