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Localized zWinUser/zWinPassword

Subject: Localized zWinUser/zWinPassword
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2014-05-15 09:29

I am monitoring windows servers in two different domains. My monitoring template is set to the zWinUser value of domain 1. I only have two servers in domain two. I configured those two servers zWinUser value in the configuration properties of the two server's device property fields. For those two devices the zWinUser the IsLocal flag is set to Yes. The passwords are the same for both domains so there is no isLocal flag there.

The permissions for the zWinUser accounts are the same (DCOM is set to Everyone full access).

What am I missing

Subject: You didn't give us any errors
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2014-05-15 11:33

You didn't give us any errors or the actual problem Also what version of windows server and zenoss


Subject: Additional Data
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2014-05-15 12:56

Zenoss Core 4.2.5 on CentOS 5 against Windows 2K8R2. I just get a NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED general response. The service account is in the local Admin group, DCOM is set wide open, comm protocols are turned down so Linux can communicate. Logged in with the service account to the target servers from a different systems with no issues.

Subject: Do you have the legacy
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2014-05-15 13:46

Do you have the legacy Microsoft Windows ZenPack installed Starting with 4.2.5 the Microsoft Windows ZenPack uses WinRM and not WMI.


Subject: Versions
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2014-05-15 14:27

Versions show
Zenoss Zenoss 4.2.5
OS Linux (x86_64) 2.6.18 (Linux zenoss.esa-dev.local 2.6.18-371.4.1.el5 #1 SMP Thu Jan 30 06:08:24 EST 2014 x86_64)
Zope Zope 2.13.13
Python Python 2.7.2
Database MySQL 5.5.13 (5.5.13)
RRD RRDtool 1.4.7
Twisted Twisted 11.0.0
RabbitMQ RabbitMQ 2.8.6
Erlang Erlang 5.6.5
NetSnmp NetSnmp 5.3.2
PyNetSnmp PyNetSnmp 0.30.7
WMI Wmi 1.3.15

I do not have that zenpack loaded, I am using Device_WMI to collect data.

Subject: Okay what format did you put
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2014-05-16 08:20

Okay what format did you put the username in as It's supposed to be DOMAIN\user (e.g. JEPS\administrator). If you have it in the correct format, try using the "administrator" account just to see if you get a different result.


Subject: results
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2014-05-16 10:14

Same results with local admin account.

Subject: Double check your username
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2014-05-16 10:30

Double check your username/password, usually that error means that one of them is wrong.


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