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Display Zenoss Core 5 Graphs in HTML page

Subject: Display Zenoss Core 5 Graphs in HTML page
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2017-03-10 10:29

Hello all,

I need to know a method to put Zenoss Core 5 graphs into a static HTML page.

When I generate the Graph link it opens well (without ask for username and/or password) since I've logged in at Zenoss interface.

When I close the browser and reopen it and paste the copied link and try to view the graph.... It ask me for Zenoss username and password.

Other thing is... I try to load the graph link inside an Iframe in HTML page and at the Element inpection I've seen something like X-Frame-Option not allowed, OK I understand that it is for security reasons.

And more, I have Zenoss 3 installed in another machine and configured the View of RenderServer to Anonymous access then I can view the image of graph link at the browser without Zenoss ask me for user/password and better, I can put this image in a static HTML page as I need.

The question is... How I can do it on Zenoss Core 5 ?



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Display Zenoss Core 5 Graphs in HTML page
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