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Install Zenoss 5 locally

Subject: Install Zenoss 5 locally
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2015-04-07 15:21

Dear All,

There are a way to install Zenoss Core 5 under an user account locally, for example, under account zenoss and avoid installation via docker

Thank you

Subject: We are working on a solution
Author: Chris Smouse
Posted: 2015-04-07 17:45

We are working on a solution that will let customers download the Docker images directly, in cases where their corporate firewalls don't allow for connections to Docker hub. The Docker images could then be loaded into the local Docker repo on the Zenoss core install. That's the basic idea.

There's currently no ETA for this solution, but it might meet your needs if/when it is made available for Core.


Chris Smouse
Zenoss Engineering

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