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Collecting data

Subject: Collecting data
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2015-03-12 14:05

First of all, I am new to zenoss. I am trying to set up a monitoring software for a new/small company. After a fresh install of the 4.2.5 release with the auto-deploy installation from:, I added a few devices.

The linux devices seems to be working without any problems. The windows one are something different. I added 2 different stations, both of them are on the same distribution, win7. The first one was added with WMI and the other one with SNMP. The thing is with both of them I don't have any incoming data. I notice a difference with my linux one which is the component tab that is showing with the linux but not with the 2 windows. Anyone can suggest me any ideas

Subject: We aren't really designed for
Author: Andrew Kirch
Posted: 2015-03-13 08:19

We aren't really designed for monitoring workstations, that said, there is a Windows(SNMP) ZenPack which works with SNMPInformant

Andrew Kirch

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Subject: I personally prefer SNMP over
Author: Matt
Posted: 2015-03-20 19:44

I personally prefer SNMP over WMI, because it only requires one port (or two if you include traps) and is basically supported by the majority of the Devices.

Anyway, before you can model/monitor Devices using either of these methods you'll have to configure your Zenoss Server properly:
WMI requires credentials which you have to enter as Device Properties (either on the specific Device, or on the Device Class).
SNMP uses a community string (by default public) and requires the SNMP Agent of your Device to accept requests from your Zenoss Server.

First I would do the following to troubleshoot the problem:
Connect to your Zenoss Server with ssh and switch to the zenoss user.
Run an snmpwalk against your Devices (e.g. snmpwalk -cpublic -v2c .
This should return some basic information about the Device. If it times out, then the SNMP Agent of the Device is most likely not correctly configured, or the SNMP Port (161) is blocked somewhere along the way.

To test the WMI connectivity you can run the following command as the zenoss user:
zenmodeler run --device=

This will start a manual modeling of the given Device and should also return an error, if something goes wrong.

I hope this helps.

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