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Timeout connecting to remote ZenHub

Subject: Timeout connecting to remote ZenHub
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2014-08-25 09:34

I installed a remote collector on my debian machine via apt-get install zenoss-stack. After that, i tweaked all .conf-Files so that they point to the hubhost on the master machine. Weird thing is: the zencommand.log says

2014-08-25 15:51:03,620 INFO zen.zencommand: Connecting to
2014-08-25 15:51:33,640 ERROR zen.zencommand: Timeout connecting to zenhub: is it running

but when i connect manually using "nc 8789", using the same user-account, i get a successful connection and it says "pbnone". So why is zenhub telling me that it can't connect when i obviously can

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