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Monitoring Amazon Web Services using Zenoss

Subject: Monitoring Amazon Web Services using Zenoss
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2017-04-14 05:12

Hello all,

I have recently started exploring Zenoss. In order to monitor the entire AWS, I wanted to explore more on Zenoss features which gives very good compatibility to AWS monitoring.

I have faced some technical errors while installing Zenoss on CentOs 6. So, Inorder to sort out that issues, I shifted to AWS Market place directly, from there I have successfully launched an instance EC2 which consists of Zenoss 4 package.  My current version of Zenoss 4.

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So, now I have downloaded Amazon Web Services ZenPack & PythonCollector ZenPack to monitor AWS provided by Zenoss Team.

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Now, Through SSH, I have connected my Zenoss instance which is running under Centos 6 on AWS CLoud. So, I'm unable proceed further steps like how to start Zenoss server & how to install the Zenpack & how to install the Amazon Web Services ZenPack(.egg file) &  PythonCollector ZenPack(.egg file) in my command line.

I also tried the uploading & installation of a ZenPack .egg file via Zenoss User Interface followed by the Navigation Menu. It is not worked :(

So, please provide me your valuable information to sort out my issues to proceed further & please guide me with some documentation & referal links like what are the steps to proceed for monitor AWS using Zenoss platform. 

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