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Zenooss core 5: unable to get graphs windows server 2008 R2: Windows Perfmon Cor ...

Subject: Zenooss core 5: unable to get graphs windows server 2008 R2: Windows Perfmon Corrupt Counters
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2016-12-15 05:01


I am a newbie with zenoos, I have installed latest version from .ova file and I am trying to monitor my first server. I have spent hours reading docs and forums, I cant believe this can be so difficult, I cant stand hours to solve problems in my monitoring platform, I need to solve problems in my IT infraestructure... I dont need more problems, I need zenoss to solve the existing problems.

So, sorry for this intro. If I am able to solve this little problem my be I will continue trying to deply Zenoss... If not, I will say "Zenoss is not for us" and look for other monitoring solutions...

I am getting this event from my first added server: Windows Perfmon Corrupt Counters

I am using new windows monitoring zenpack that uses WinRM. M;odeling is OK, but no data in graphs...

I tried to rebulid counters, in Windows server with no luck. I have no idea, there is so few info in the forums... I am close to give up..

Any help would be very appreciated



Subject: Have you seen this link on
Author: Jane Curry
Posted: 2016-12-19 04:17

Have you seen this link on the Zenoss wiki - . It suggests that there is an issue on the Windows side that needs correcting first. Then you will need to restart the Zenoss zenpython daemon (which actually does the data collection from Windows machines).

There is also a little debugging help in the Zenoss article here - . This article is talking about changing the chargeable Resource Manager version, which you certainly don't need to do at this stage, but it does offer some suggestions for looking at counters on the Windows box.

I am not a Windows person but I did find this article about manually rebuilding performance counters - .



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