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zenpack linking issue - zenoss core 5.0.10

Subject: zenpack linking issue - zenoss core 5.0.10
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2016-09-09 07:54


For a while I have been using zenoss core 5.0.0 and linked a zenpack across all of the core-zenoss containers.

Since this is no longer avialable on the docker hub, I am upgrading to 5.0.10.

The 5.0.10 core zenoss is up and running but I am having an issue linking the zenpack between containers.

For 5.0.0 I used to use serviced to link the zenpack to a folder that was on the zenoss host OS.

"serviced service run --user zenoss zope "\
"zenpack link /linked_folder/%(pack)s"

This used to install a shared folder on all containers in /linked_folder/.

Any edits to files in the zenpack were shared across all containers and were persistent after a serviced restart without the need of sanpshots.

However in 5.0.10, this is not the case.

Instead of the zenpack being installed and linked in /linked_folder/ it is now being installed in a local folder on all containers and is no longer linked.

In the below links online it mentions I should link the zenpack in 5.0.10 as shown below:


I have since edited my SERVICED_INSTALL_ZENPACK command to be:

SERVICED_INSTALL_ZENPACK = 'serviced service attach zope su zenoss -l -c "cd /linked_folder; zenpack --link --install /linked_folder/%(pack)s"'

However this doesn't work either
This loads the zenpack to /opt/zenoss/ZenPacks/, which is not shared between containers either and is not persistent

The /linked_folder/ is present on the conatiners, but is just not used for the zenpack.

The /linked_folder/ also shares files changes amongst the containets.

How can I set this up in 5.0.10, so the zenoss uses the zenpack in /linked_folder/ and not in /opt/zenoss in such a way that:

1) file changes in the zenpack will be shared amongst the containers and

2) file changes in the zenpack will remian after a serviced restart


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