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Citrix XenServer ZenPack - Add Host Job Always Pending

Subject: Citrix XenServer ZenPack - Add Host Job Always Pending
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2014-05-12 15:56


I am very new to Zenoss...just installed it this weekend.

I installed the official XenServer ZenPack from the Free Zenoss ZenPacks catalog.

I restarted Zope as instructed.

I added three XenServers with "Add XenServer Endpoint" and background jobs were created.

2-3 hours later, those jobs are still listed as "pending".

No log files were created.

Am I missing something

Any clues for me



Subject: I'd suggest restarting zenoss
Author: Andrew Kirch
Posted: 2014-05-13 12:26

I'd suggest restarting zenoss entirely, clearing those jobs and restarting them. Take a look at Z2.log, zenactiond.log, zenmodel.log etc.

Andrew Kirch

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