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New component property not displayed

Subject: New component property not displayed
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2014-02-13 06:30


I've developed an SNMP based ZenPack for OpenVMS. It's based on the tutorial (NetBotZ).

I've added a new property to the device component (disk).

When I run the query on Zendmd, I can see it's populated:

>>> device = find('Pinky')
>>> for disk in device.disks():
print '%17s: %-17s %-11s' % (, disk.snmpindex, disk.size)
PINKY$DKA0: 7 139979
PINKY$DKA1: 8 699910

The web interface shows the components correctly, but not the size parameter. The column is there.
When I debugged the traffic, I see that the browser is requesting the value:

But it isn't in the response, not even with empty value. (I cut out the other two components' result):
{"uuid": "96e8bd71-ac25-4007-8fb3-9ef3b9ed7fb0", "action": "DeviceRouter", "result": {"totalCount": 3, "hash": "3", "success": true, "data": [{"status": "Up", "usesMonitorAttribute": true, "monitored": true, "severity": "clear", "locking": {"updates": false, "deletion": false, "events": false}, "monitor": true, "name": "_PINKY$DKA0:", "meta_type": "OpenVMSDisk", "uid": "/zport/dmd/Devices/OpenVMS/devices/pinky/disks/PINKY$DKA0", "uuid": "87544703-c307-46e3-8fc7-0417ba1d72b5"}, "tid": 307, "type": "rpc", "method": "getComponents"}

What should I check How can I debug the API.
At first which daemon responses these requests


Found half of the answer: I forget to declare the property in the IInfo. And then restart the relevant deamons.
Now I can see it on the GUI. What I still can't do that using it in a threshold. here.size doesn't work. :(

Subject: Reading this, I don't have
Author: Andrew Kirch
Posted: 2014-02-18 12:36

Reading this, I don't have enough information to fully troubleshoot, I'd need to see the code itself, but it's likely you didn't fill out the info adapter.
would you please paste the code so that I can take a look

Andrew Kirch

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