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Reverse lookups

Subject: Reverse lookups
Author: Eric Ward
Posted: 2020-09-02 11:22


We currently have two domains and are in the middle of an active directory migration.   I had two servers that were getting kerberos errors and the event notified me to 'Ensure that reverse DNS is correct'.   That was exactly the case.   There was an incorrect entry in a reverse zone on the old domain.   I fixed the records and no issues.   Right now in the resolv.conf file we are pointing to the old domains DNS servers and this generally works OK, since we have the majority of the items we want to monitor in the old domain.   

My question is, 'can I point Zenoss to a specific DNS server reverse lookups on a domain by domain basis?'   So new domain members look to one DNS server and old domain members look to a different DNS server.  Is there a good document I could review to become more familiar with the process?

Thanks in advance.

Mendota Heights MN

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