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Internal error breaking all monitoring

Subject: Internal error breaking all monitoring
Author: Rob
Posted: 2018-05-04 17:01

We've been using zenoss without issue for the last couple years, however recently all of our monitoring abruptly stopped. Graphs are blank, no new alarms are being raised, etc.
When testing a data source (i.e. SNMP), we get the following error:
Executing command
snmpwalk -cpublic -v2c xx.xx.xx.xx .
against target.hostname.tld
exception while executing command
type: <type 'exceptions.UnboundLocalError'> value: local variable 'zminionCommand' referenced before assignment
DONE in 0 seconds
This occurs on both existing devices and newly created ones, regardless of device class.
Upgrading from Zenoss Core 6.0.0 to 6.1.2 had no effect.

As far as my team can tell, this error came on abruptly and is not connected to any change we've done. Any ideas on how to resolve (or even start to troubleshoot) this would be highly appreciated.


Thank you.

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