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No Graph/Passing Performance Data

Subject: No Graph/Passing Performance Data
Author: William Meador
Posted: 2017-06-06 16:37

Control Center 1.1.7
Zenoss Core 5.1.5
I'm at a total loss. I orginally had instances oversubscribed, so grew the RAM for the instances, then had OpenTSDB crash caught in an exit=1 loop/crash, and followed the KB to rebuild it and the related HBase.
For whatever reason, what should be listening on port 8444 either never starts or isn't configured any longer.  I don't see any crashing out services in the initial bootup journalctl logs or any indication anything is wrong in Control Center except for the lack of graphs and metric_forwarder error flooding the logs.

Control Center:
E0606 20:20:29.729444 00001 metric_forwarder.go:95] Failed to proxy request: Post http://localhost:8444/api/metrics/store?controlplane_tenant_id=5zrely2yum6yxc59xgy6up8h0&controlplane_service_id=dnc4zpkw4c0nkbe8hb5ro2xgv&controlplane_host_id=640a0814&controlplane_instance_id=0: EOF

journalctl log
E0606 20:25:28.014561 06052 stats.go:159] Error reporting container stats: Post http://10.***.**.*:8443/api/metrics/store: dial tcp 10.***.**.*:8443: connection refused
E0606 20:25:29.929433 06052 status.go:116] Unable to look up instance memory stats (Post read tcp connection reset by peer)

Now it seems fine and the red errors in Control Center are gone after rebuilding the OpenTSDB, except something isn't starting/listening correctly. Netstat makes it fairly clear nothing is listening on 8444 and am guessing the other errors are likely by-products as connections seem to come and go fine with the other ports. I cannot even make a guess on if it is an Apache conf file tucked somewhere, logstash, or an unknown service as I've been able to find 8443 referenced in documentation, but nothing on 8444, except on the ports to allow via firewall. I'm growing more comfortable with docker instances, but sill have much to learn!

If anyone could point me in any sort of direction of where I might be able to find this metric_forwarder conf file or whatnot, it would be appreciated!! Thank you!

Subject: RE: No Graph/Passing Performance Data
Author: William Meador
Posted: 2017-06-09 10:37

Can anyone tell me what service port 8444 is supposed to correspond to? (Metric_Forwarder.go) I'm making an uneducated guess that it is part of the underlying openstack somewhere based on the 1 flow documentation I could find regarding that port. 

Would this KB regarding the ceilometer be applicable or does it only correspond to the Openstack Zenpack?

Understanding and Troubleshooting OpenStack Ceilometer Integration with Zenoss Resource Manager
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Understanding and Troubleshooting OpenStack Ceilometer Integration with Zenoss Resource Manager
Applies To Zenoss Resource Manager 5.x Zenoss Resource Manager 4.x OpenStackInfrastructure ZenPack OpenStack Ceilometer Summary This KB concerns troubleshooting OpenStack Ceilometer integration w...
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