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Zenoss not warning when snmp agent is down

Subject: Zenoss not warning when snmp agent is down
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2015-03-04 11:25

We have about 40 Windows devices monitored in one Device Class. Some of them are reporting stats (disk etc.) through snmp and others don't. However, Zenoss doesn't say if there is a problem with SNMP on the device.

We had Zenoss 3.2 before and for devices with broken snmp configuration (eg. SNMP not running, wrong community etc.) it used to created an event saying 'SNMP agent is down'.
Our current Zenoss says nothing but when we try to re-model the device, we can see SNMP timing out.

Is there any setting I need to enable to have snmp warnings back

Thank you

Subject: "SNMP agent is down" is
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2015-03-04 16:19

"SNMP agent is down" is generated when there are timeouts collecting OIDs with zenperfsnmp. In order for zenperfsnmp to collect OIDs on a device, the device must have SNMP components. This means that modeling must be at least partially successful for zenperfsnmp to attempt to get OIDs from a device. If a device never models via SNMP successfully, you will not get the agent down event. I can't confirm the behavior in 3.2, however.

Subject: Thank you Dgarcia,
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2015-03-04 18:06

Thank you Dgarcia,
I have tried stopping SNMP service in Windows for one of the devices where SNMP collection works. However this still has not generated the alert.
Disk utilisation was not collected during that time and and I had a gap in disk graph, but 'snmp down' event was not there. Any idea please

Subject: Are you getting any events?
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2015-03-05 10:32

Are you getting any events Try generating an event in the event console and see if it shows up.

Subject: Yes, we are getting events
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2015-03-05 16:07

Yes, we are getting events from event log for example.

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