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Zenoss shows "Unknown" for interfaces on secondary router

Subject: Zenoss shows "Unknown" for interfaces on secondary router
Author: Gregg Hughes
Posted: 2014-08-29 13:40

We made some configuration changes to our edge routers. One of the changes was to reconfigure HSRP to exchange hello packets over a PortChannel created with two of the ethernet ports, and then monitor the ISP-facing ethernet port to determine standby actions.

Now the monitored interface shows "Unknown" on the Monitored column and "Down" on Operational and Administrative status. Is this normal for the standby router on an HSRP pair I suspect it is since an operational GRE tunnel shows the same things.

The other major change was to remove a GRE tunnel. Now that interface is shown as Monitored, but operationally down and administratively up. Seems weird, since it no longer exists as a logical interface.

If someone has a place to look to refresh or reconfigure this device to show up as configured that'd be great!



Subject: Did you remodel the device
Author: Jonathan Colon
Posted: 2014-08-29 15:59

Did you remodel the device after the configuration changes

4.3.5. Remodeling a Device

Remodeling forces the system to re-collect all configuration information associated with a device. Normally, the system
models devices every 720 minutes; however, if you want to remodel a device immediately, follow these steps:
1.Navigate to the device in the device list.
2.At the bottom of the device overview page, select Model Device from
(Action Menu).

The system remodels the device. A dialog appears that shows progress of the action.

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