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Researching the "is it worth it" factor upgrading from 4.2.5

Subject: Researching the "is it worth it" factor upgrading from 4.2.5
Author: Corby Stephens
Posted: 2018-05-14 12:25

We have been running 4.2.5 (community) on a simple Dell desktop tower for a while now. We have about 75 devices being monitored consisting of 

I don't have much experience with Zenoss and was handed this project to get some. But I was reading through the 6.1.2 install and setup instructions and it sounds like Zenoss has beefed up considerably compared to what we are doing / what we need. The reason we were looking to upgrade was because of the newer, more secure way Windows can be monitored (not SNMP). 

Can Zenoss still be installed on a simple machine like we are doing currently? If not, is there another free alternative?

Corby Stephens
King's Way Christian Schools

Subject: RE: Researching the "is it worth it" factor upgrading from 4.2.5
Author: Jane Curry
Posted: 2018-05-16 09:28

Hi Corby,
I assume you have read this on-going thread - ?

Personal opinion - I would stick with my 4.2.5.  You will need MUCH more hardware to run anything later than 4.2.5 - dont even think of starting without 4 cpus and 20GB memory.  The learning curve to administer Zenoss 5 / 6 is much harder too.

For around 75 devices, stick with what you have.  For Windows monitoring, you can either use the old Windows ZenPack that uses the WMI protocol or you can use the latest Windows ZenPack that uses WinRM (both freely available from Zenoss).  There's quite a good thread currently running on the forums here about the 2 options and you can find more info from the ZenPacks catalog page from the home page of this forum. Make sure you install the pre-requisite ZenPacks as well as the Windows ZenPack, whichever way you go.


Jane Curry
Skills 1st United Kingdom

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