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Graph widths and custom time frames

Subject: Graph widths and custom time frames
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2017-02-07 15:34

I have installed zenoss core 5 and am able to get metrics. I am trying to create some custom dashboards and am able to get the data. the part I am having trouble with is changing the time to display last 24 hours for example instead of the default previous hour. I know how to zoom and change it, but i want a rotating dashboard that I dont have to go click on to change the time interval. Second, I would like to make the graphs wider than 500pixels. I used to use Zenoss years ago when it was still RRD and this was very easy. I have made the changes in the graph definitions but they do not seem to change the actual graphs displayed. Height seems to work but not width.

Subject: You could try making the
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2017-02-08 16:06

You could try making the graph changes in Zope instead of the GUI. I've noticed that editing a graph in the GUI doesn't always change the graph as expected.


Subject: I poked around a bunch in
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2017-02-09 14:32

I poked around a bunch in there as well. i dont see any of my dashboards. I did try to modify a Multi-Graph Report and I saw where I could set height and width but not time period to display. Even then, I was unable to make any changes there.

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