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Zenoss Core 5 - Quilt Install Error Encountered

Subject: Zenoss Core 5 - Quilt Install Error Encountered
Author: Ken Jenkins
Posted: 2015-12-18 18:15

Can someone assist wtih this issue I tried to install quilt per the install document and encounter errors. The script parse passed.

serviced script run quilt.txt --service Zenoss.core

Logging to logfile: /var/log/serviced/script-2015-12-19-001024-root.log

Script started, file is /var/log/serviced/script-2015-12-19-001024-root.log

I1219 00:10:25.338260 02583 runner.go:160] executing step 0: DESCRIPTION quilt.txt -- add Quilt to a Zenoss image

I1219 00:10:25.338367 02583 runner.go:160] executing step 1: VERSION zenoss-quilt-1.0

I1219 00:10:25.338383 02583 runner.go:160] executing step 2: REQUIRE_SVC

I1219 00:10:25.338396 02583 eval.go:329] checking service requirement

I1219 00:10:25.338409 02583 eval.go:333] verifying service 83lyygpg4q72cw2glsakbgymb

I1219 00:10:25.338944 02583 eval.go:339] found 83lyygpg4q72cw2glsakbgymb tenant id for service 83lyygpg4q72cw2glsakbgymb

I1219 00:10:25.338996 02583 runner.go:160] executing step 3: SNAPSHOT

I1219 00:10:25.339023 02583 eval.go:22] performing snapshot

I1219 00:10:33.787929 02583 eval.go:41] snapshot id: 83lyygpg4q72cw2glsakbgymb_20151219-001031

I1219 00:10:33.788008 02583 runner.go:160] executing step 4: SVC_EXEC COMMIT Zenoss.resmgr yum install -y epel-release

E1219 00:10:34.857462 02583 runner.go:162] error executing step 4: SVC_EXEC: did not find service Zenoss.resmgr

I1219 00:10:34.857497 02583 runner.go:152] Executing exit functions

I1219 00:10:34.857510 02583 eval.go:45] restoring snapshot 83lyygpg4q72cw2glsakbgymb_20151219-001031

did not find service Zenoss.resmgr

Script done, file is /var/log/serviced/script-2015-12-19-001024-root.log

Subject: Apparently you are not
Author: Jan Garaj
Posted: 2015-12-19 07:07

Apparently you are not installing Zenoss.resmgr, so use Zenoss.core in quilt.txt: DESCRIPTION quilt.txt -- add Quilt to a Zenoss image VERSION zenoss-quilt-1.0 REQUIRE_SVC SNAPSHOT # Download the EPEL RPM SVC_EXEC COMMIT Zenoss.core yum install -y epel-release # Download repository metadata SVC_EXEC COMMIT Zenoss.core yum makecache -y # Install quilt SVC_EXEC COMMIT Zenoss.core yum install -y quilt # Remove EPEL SVC_EXEC COMMIT Zenoss.core yum erase -y epel-release # Clean up yum caches SVC_EXEC COMMIT Zenoss.core yum clean all Or use autodeploy script, where is it resolved automatically for you. You can also report documentation issue.

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