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Unable to pull utilization data from linux server

Subject: Unable to pull utilization data from linux server
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2015-02-09 08:26

I purchased a VPS (virtual private server) in the cloud and installed zenoss 4.2.5 to look back and monitor my production environment. This server is working great, and it is monitoring itself (including utilization numbers) via /SERVER/SSH/LINUX. I am also trying to monitor my VPS from my production Zenoss server. I added the device, also using SSH and I am able to model the device. I can see all interfaces, partitions, etc.. For some reason I am unable to gather any utilization numbers though. For example I can see my partition sizes from Zenoss, but I can't see how much is currently utilized. Thoughts

Subject: I'm getting the same results
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2015-02-09 09:26

I'm getting the same results in my network but haven't figured it out yet unfortunately.

Subject: Mike: do a zencommand run and
Author: Andrew Kirch
Posted: 2015-02-09 10:20

Mike: do a zencommand run and paste if there's errors. Is the machine that's not giving perfdata generating any events that might be relevant

Andrew Kirch

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Subject: Confirmed working! I would
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2015-02-09 13:28

Confirmed working! I would love to know how a single device of mine had root permissions though.

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