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5beta3 - serviced/Control Center VHost proxying not forwarded to correct service ...

Subject: 5beta3 - serviced/Control Center VHost proxying not forwarded to correct services
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2015-02-07 15:46

Have managed to get all of the services running on this 5b3 appliance (mostly by replacing template expansions trying to use .RAMCommitment to set JVM heap size max with static values/shots in the dark).

I have both working DNS and local hostfile (on the appliance) entries for the zenoss5x, hbase, rabbitmq aliases.

However, attempting to access any of zenoss5x.zenmaster, rabbitmq.zenmaster, etc, just gets me the same ControlCenter UI as ""

I did use the UI to edit zope.conf to set HTTPS OFF and then found the mapping to zope on port 8080 from "docker ps", such that I get a working zenoss "start here" page on http://zenmaster:49160

From reading the beta install documents, I get the impression that these "subhost" aliases are supposed to enable some kind of Location: based proxy forwarding.

Are there two layers of proxying here I see the nginx-based zproxy in the Zenoss.Core service, but is serviced fronting that

For example, I'm presuming that provided the rabbitmq admin plugins are installed, then "https://rabbitmq.zenmaster" should take me to the RabbitMQ admin GUI

I've never looked at Docker before today, so.. this is both a good motivation to learn, and a confusing new layer from a former zenoss deep-hacker :)

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