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SolarWinds-style "live diagrams" functionality

Subject: SolarWinds-style "live diagrams" functionality
Author: Luke Lofgren
Posted: 2021-08-06 11:08

My network department is exploring options to replace SolarWinds; they need something that specifically gives them the manually-maintained active traffic visualization functionality. It would be a neat opportunity to reduce the complexity of our overall monitoring ecosystem if there was something I could add to Zenoss that would provide this. We also run Grafana in case someone knows how to extend that in this way. Would it help if I provided an example diagram that we want to replicate? 

SolarWinds also has a highly optimized (reminds me of the CA Ehealth "at-a-glance" reports) interface for network experts to drill into switch details, so something that was already optimized for that as well would be another plus. Basically the significant savings would be not having to maintain metric/event collection in multiple tools. We're exploring other alternatives that would require that, but any ideas how to do it with Zenoss would be greatly appreciated. 

I understand how the base Zenoss interface is optimized generally for any type of device, but with our highly complex network there's a need to be able to invest in maintaining manual diagrams for critical areas. And having to navigate the "device agnostic" interface for relevant details hasn't been preferred by the network experts. I'm an Impact user, we tried to invest in using the available Zenoss dashboard "widgets", and I've seen the Zenoss Cloud functionality -- none of them seem to already have something like what I'm looking for, but maybe I've missed something. Thanks in advance for the ideas!

Luke Lofgren
Infrastructure Architect
Acxiom Corporation (home based associate)
Waterford PA

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