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Monitoring the DHCP Pool

Subject: Monitoring the DHCP Pool
Author: Robert Borowicz
Posted: 2021-06-17 18:26

We exhausted a DHCP pool and had a resulting outage from it. 

Has anybody written powershell to retrieve the pool to enable monitoring?  Is this even possible?

Thanks in advance,


Robert Borowicz
Zenoss Engineer

Subject: RE: Monitoring the DHCP Pool
Author: Michael Rogers
Posted: 2021-06-18 14:58

Hey, Rob!

I did a spot of Googling and managed to find this:

It specifically calls out Win2k3, but I suspect the counters haven't changed much since then.  It should be easy enough to run a typeperf on the DHCP server to see what counters are exposed by more modern versions of Windows Server.

Based on the article, some promising counters to threshold against might be:

DHCP Server\Nacks/sec
DHCP Server\Conflict Check Queue Length
DHCP Server\Declines/sec

Naturally, you'll want to confirm that those counters are still available 18 years later before you start building thresholds.

I hope this helps!

Michael J. Rogers
Senior Instructor - Zenoss
Austin TX

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