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zenoss w3wp monitoring CPU for each process

Subject: zenoss w3wp monitoring CPU for each process
Author: Dale Lashley
Posted: 2017-12-29 10:48

On some of my web servers I have multiple application pools. I would like to graph the CPU and MEM consumption of those pools each individually. Some servers have as many as 14 processes running some as little as 1. I know where in Perfmon to get the information which is at \Process(w3wp)\% Privileged Time each pool has their own counter and its signified by adding a #1 #2 #3 ect behind the w3wp in the counter object.
I have edited my windows template to add this data source as a perfmon counter. However it only gets the single instance and ignores all the others. Great for servers with only 1 pool running not so great for ones that have 14. I could go the long route and make a entry for each and ever single one but would rather use a variable and grab that information automatically.
In looking in some other datapoints specifically for ISS as an example they have a variable in the counter string as such
\Web Service(${here/sitename})\Head Requests/sec

Does anyone know what that variable would be to insert into \Process(w3wp)\% Privileged Time to get all the pools rather than just the one?

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