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Monitoring Templates extraction

Subject: Monitoring Templates extraction
Author: Michael Vlassis
Posted: 2017-12-12 17:39

We are running Zenoss 4.2.5. I wanted to see what utilities can help pull the following information from our system.
- Monitoring templates with datasources and threshold and severity information etc etc.We are trying to audit this information as a starting point.

Maybe some ( python ) examples out there I can modify, you can point me too, or the appropriate utilities to work with.
Conversely wanted to see if these utilities would allow us to add or modify new entries to these templates?

Thanks in advance!


Subject: RE: Monitoring Templates extraction
Author: Jane Curry
Posted: 2017-12-14 18:00

You could start by pulling my audit package from github - https://g  . It is a bunch of scripts that pull data out of the Zenoss ZODB database.  Not sure it will do exactly what you want but might get you started.


Jane Curry
Skills 1st United Kingdom

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