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Network map without snmp

Subject: Network map without snmp
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2014-08-12 06:37

Hi There,

I am still new to zenoss and dont really know how to make the network map show all devices in Zenoss.
At the moment it is only showing the devices which are configured with snmp.
I want all devices shown on the network map including the devices without snmp.
Is there a way to make this possible Or make an custom network map

Another problem is that i want all networks shown on the network map, from the router perspective it does show me all internal networks but does not show any networks behind an IPsec vpn. Is there a way to show this

I am also looking for an sort of dashboard where i can see all the ping graphs from all devices, is there a way to make this possible i checked the reports but that doesn't update the graphs.

Thanks in advance!

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