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question for Zenoss APIs - compatibility

Subject: question for Zenoss APIs - compatibility
Author: Stefan Hristov
Posted: 2021-10-26 05:11


I see Zenoss offers 3 deployment options

I am confused what APIs these 3 options use and is there any compatibility between them?

I assume that the existing JSON API is for Zenoss Core only? is that right?

I want to know if thie JSON API is supported for the Cloud version and for the on-prem options too?

From the docs Zenoss Cloud I assume that the Cloud version supports some extra functionalities like streaming data to the Cloud and also uses, so I guess the JSON API will not work with the Cloud version, but how about the Service Dynamics?

Thanks in advance.

Stefan Hristov
Integration Engineer

Subject: RE: question for Zenoss APIs - compatibility
Author: Michael Rogers
Posted: 2021-10-26 18:41


The same JSON API is available in Core, ZSD, ZaaS, and Zenoss Cloud.  Most operations performed in the UI make use of the JSON API through one of the API routers.  Note, the ImpactRouter is not available in Zenoss Core as Zenoss Service Impact is not available for Zenoss Core.

The documentation you linked for the Zenoss Cloud API is intended to cover the secondary API for features specific to Zenoss Cloud.  For instance, the data-receiver endpoint allows for streaming data (model, metric, or events) directly to Zenoss Cloud and the user-mgmt endpoint allows for creating Cloud users and groups.  The features addressed by these endpoints don't exist in any other version of Zenoss; streaming data is a cloud only feature and other Zenoss versions manage users through the JSON API UserRouter.

Was there anything specific you were looking to accomplish?

Michael J. Rogers
Senior Instructor - Zenoss
Austin TX

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