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Trouble Understanding WIndows Memory / RAM Utilization Events

Subject: Trouble Understanding WIndows Memory / RAM Utilization Events
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2016-06-20 13:56


I've beenhaving troublecomparing Windows RAM utilization numbers between Zenoss w/ ZenPack for Windows and a server's Task Manager. I really appreciate any insight the community could provide.

Zenoss Info:

Zenoss 5.1.2 / Zenoss Version: Zenoss 5.1.70

ZenPack.zenoss.Microsoft.Windows 2.5.12

Event in Question:


Threshold: |MemoryCommittedBytes_MemoryCommittedBytes|Memory

Maximum: here.hw.totalMemory * .9


Im getting a lot of the following alerts:

- threshold of Memory exceeded: current value 10004336640.000000

If using the Converts memory events into percentage with raw values transform mentioned here:, I get an event like:

- High Memory Utilization: Currently -60% used (160% free)

But if I log into the server, I see the utilization is only 80%. In other cases, the servers available memory active/standby is low, and available memory is high, but the event still triggers.

My assumption is that Im seeing RAM + PAGEFILE utilization. This is mentioned in this thread: - but without a solution. If thats the case, why is there another threshold just for Page File

How can I make this more memory monitoring more meaningful

Thanks in advance for your time and any advice!

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