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Understand Zenoss New Structure

Subject: Understand Zenoss New Structure
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2015-02-09 14:48

So in version 4 of Zenoss I had to edit the krb5.conf before I could get the Microsoft Windows ZenPack working. With Version 5 Beta release with docker this all proxyed how do I find the correct config file

For example in the documentation I should go to $ZENHOME/var/krb5/krb5.conf. I had no idea where this file is with the Beta so I did a search for it and currently I have 3 links to /opt/zenoss/var/krb5/krb5.conf

find /var/lib/docker -name krb5.conf | grep /opt/zenoss/var/krb5/krb5.conf


How would I know which one is active

If I make changes to these files will they be active once zenoss5 is restarted I'm trying to understand how I would be able to save changes in the new strucures.

Thank You,

Subject: MrObsure, did you ever find
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2015-03-26 12:00

MrObsure, did you ever find an answer to this I am dealing with Zenoss 5 and recreating my entire monitoring server as the old one had developed db problems anyway.

I am just going to link to the first one, they appear to be the same files Thanks for any insight.

Subject: So I was in the same pickle
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2015-04-17 11:51

So I was in the same pickle as you guys when setting up a new Zenoss 5 server and knew nothing about how Docker works.

Anyways I found a dead simple way to deal with the file systems on different docker containers, so this may help you out with your problem I used it to transfer scripts for custom commands that Zenoss5 can call from the web interface.

Here are the steps I take:

1. Find the container ID using the Control Center web interface. Basically go to Control center, click on the running instance of Zenoss5, scroll down till you find Instance and copy down the container ID there.

2. /var/lib/docker/aufs/mnt/containerID/destination-path should be where the file is, problem is (as far as I know) you have to use docker to make changes to this file system

3. use the following #docker exec containerID command destination-pathto run vi (or possibly nano) to edit the file.

Let me know if this helps or you have quesiton, I'm not very good at writing up my steps.

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