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NetView Enhancement Requests

Please note that this is a user-run list. No acceptance is implied by IBM of these requests (but we do hope they will review it from time to time).

To add a new request, simply edit the page. Put a heading starting with ---++ and it will automatically get added to the Table of Contents. I suggest you sign with your WikiName - you need to preface it with Main. < your WikiName > You should also add the date.

To add to an existing request, again simply edit - I have added to Francois' request for servmon icons in Unix. (If you use asterisks around text, it comes out in bold ). This is a collaborative site with no policemen and courtesy expected - it may be a good idea to email anyone whose entry you modify. You can find their email by clicking on their WikiName .

-- JaneCurry

Popups to Web Console Users

We need to have a way to send popups to users connected to the Java console from a script (or when a specific event arrives), the same way it is possible in the native console with the ovxecho command. It would be also very usefull if we could control the buttons in the popup (ie have a "OK" and a "Cancel") and have a return code to know what button was selected by the user.

(I need this too. Alfred Reibenschuh/IT-AUSTRIA - 01 Mar 2005)

-- FrancoisLeHir - 04 Feb 2004

Execute tasks on specific events for Web Console

We would need to be able to execute task on specific events, the same way it is already possible to do in the native console ("Options --> Additional Actions --> Selected")

-- FrancoisLeHir - 04 Feb 2004

Icons for servmon services on Unix

We need to have the servmon daemon create some icons for the services in the map the same way it is done in the Windows version of netview.

(I need this too. As a workaround if you need these icons now in Unix, look under ServmonItmquery for the paper and code that does this; I stress this is a WORKAROUND - we still need the enhancement to the code - JaneCurry )

(I need this too. Alfred Reibenschuh/IT-AUSTRIA - 01 Mar 2005)

(I need this too. ColinMulkerrins - 03 Mar 2005)

-- FrancoisLeHir - 04 Feb 2004

SNMP V3 support for NetView

Need I say more? There is some sort of a solution from SNMP Research - see the FaQ - but NetView should have its own native support. This standard was fully ratified in March 2002.

(I need this too. Alfred Reibenschuh/IT-AUSTRIA - 01 Mar 2005)

-- JaneCurry - 05 Feb 2004

In addition, a mechanism to be able to use non-standard SNMP ports to traverse firewalls, such as what is implemented on the Tivoli Security Firewall Toolkit, using an "SNMP Sink" or similar.

-- DanielCompaneetz - 24 May 2004

SNMP V3 is pretty important to deploy Netview under restricted networks. Iīve got some cases where Security Audit didnīt allow deploying SNMP V1, V2 on devices because it wasnīt IPSec compliant.

(I need this too. Alfred Reibenschuh/IT-AUSTRIA - 01 Mar 2005)

DaniloAraujo - 14 Feb 2005

Enhancements to Mid Level Manager (MLM)


I want MLM as a full solution for managing limited numbers of systems behind firewalls - a DMZ is an obvious example.

Problems with current Offerings

Enhancement Request(s)

(I need this too. Alejandro Gabay - 28 Feb 2005)

(I need this too. Alfred Reibenschuh/IT-AUSTRIA - 01 Mar 2005)

-- JaneCurry - 05 Feb 2004

Manage/Unmanage networks from the CLI with

We need to be able to Manage/Unmanage... networks (=subnets) from the database with

-- FrancoisLeHir - 26 Feb 2004

quicktest -F should generate node event

Presently quicktest -F test all the interfaces of a node and regenerate all the interface events. This is very usefull when somehow an event has been lost and the color of an object has not been updated in the map according to it's status in the database. However quicktest -F doesn't generate the node event and therefore the color of the node is not updated. We would need to be able to generate this event when we do a quicktest -F on a node.

-- FrancoisLeHir - 26 Feb 2004

It would make our life much easyer. I agree with your suggestion.

DaniloAraujo - 14 Feb 2005

(I need this too. Alfred Reibenschuh/IT-AUSTRIA - 01 Mar 2005)

Implement RFC2667 "IP Tunnel MIB" support

In environments where IP Sec Tunnels are used, Netview has no way of monitoring or logically drawing their connections. Taking advantage of RFC2667 should allow Netview to draw these connections based on IP Sec tunnel start points and end points as well as status monitoring.

MR0407042329 entitled 'Implement RFC2667 "IP Tunnel MIB"'

-- ChanningHill - 08 June 2004

Object's Name should be taken from snmpSysName value

Nowdays all the Network Devices have a hostname which usually is associated with the Loopback IP Address. Netview while discovers a new object it should first of all take the hostname from the Device (via SNMP) and then do a reverse lookup on the DNS server to find the IP address of this name. I think that the current object naming procedure which is used from Netview is not enough.

-- DimitrisLeventidis - 08 September 2004

Restore NetView GUI menus for SNMP V2 MIBS

Please restore the registration files to load and browse SNMP V2 MIBs.

-- JaneCurry - 15 February 2005

Allow to include or exclude the view of smartsets in the scope definition for the web console

It would be very usefull to be able to allow some users to see some smartsets and not others. This could be accomplished with the definition of the scopes in the web security console.

-- FrancoisLeHir - 20 Oct 2005

Me too!

-- JaneCurry - 26 Oct 2005

Password Authentication with TACACS or RADIUS AAA Server

The option to authenticate passwords and users via an Authentication server. A good example would be Cisco ACS. This would simplify user management and validate password changes. This would make administration easier because passwords could be managed by an external database. This is how all our network management applications authenticate users with the exception of NetView.

-- RobShipley - 9 March 2006

Change Total Traps and non-Tivoli NetView Traps view for ITM NetView Server agent

The ITM NetView Server agent provides integration between NetView and ITM6.1. One of the standard workspaces in the ITM 6.1 TEP shows a pie chart of Total Traps and non-Tivoli NetView traps. This is not sensible for a pie chart as the two elements do not make up 100% of the total traps. It would be much better if the NetView agent delivered non-Tivoli NetView Traps and NetView traps and then graphed these 2 attributes on a pie chart.

-- JaneCurry - 11 May 2007