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Zenoss consultancy

With Zenoss you can monitor all your servers and network devices:

Zenoss has a web interface so you can use it from anywhere. It uses industry-standard protocols like SNMP so it can monitor almost anything - Windows, Linux, Cisco, HP and more. There is an extension mechanism so it can adapt to new requirements. Zenoss is an excellent replacement for products like IBM NetView, HP Openview Node Manager, and Nagios.

Here are some of the ways that we can help you with Zenoss:

Typically these are short-term engagements; 3 - 10 days. They usually include a skills transfer element.

Remote access to client Zenoss systems works well using techniques such as OpenVPN and we offer a discount on our usual £850/day rate for working remotely.

We also offer Zenoss training. We are particularly well placed to assist organisations wishing to migrate from older network management systems.

As independent consultants we have no ties to particular suppliers, and will consider projects anywhere in Europe. Call Jane Curry to discuss your requirements.

Jane Curry
+44 1628 782565