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Papers and Presentations

Jane Curry

Jane specialises in Network Management and Systems Management.

Her latest publication, the ZenPack Developers' Guide, is a very detailed (400+ pages) explanation of Zenoss ZenPacks and how to build them.

In June 2008 Jane started on a major review of open-source network management products. The resulting paper, Open Source Management Options explains why she chose to concentrate on Zenoss.

Follow-up papers cover Event Management for Zenoss Core 4, Zenoss Core users, Zenoss Discovery and Classification, Creating Zenoss Zenpacks (now updated for Zenoss 3), Process monitoring with Zenoss, Integration between Zenoss and IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC) and Using Nagios NRPE with Zenoss

Zenoss Datasources through the eyes of the Python Collector ZenPack - Monitoring Windows devices with SNMP
This document is intended to serve two purposes: it provides a tutorial for using Zenoss's Python Collector ZenPack and it describes monitoring Windows devices with the SNMP protocol.
Code is available on GitHub and also as: egg file or tarball
Do try this out and send feedback to: jane.curry@skills-1st.co.uk

Andrew Findlay

Andrew works mainly on Directory Services and E-mail systems, with occasional forays into systems management, IoT and electronics. He has been involved in a wide range of other topics in the past.