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Event Management for Zenoss Core 4


This is an intermediate-level discussion of the event system in Zenoss Core 4. It looks in some detail at the architecture of the Zenoss event system – the daemons and how they are inter-related – and it looks at the structure of a Zenoss event and the event life cycle.

The process by which an incoming event is converted into a particular Zenoss event is known as event mapping and there are a number of different techniques for performing that conversion. These are all explored along with the creation of new event classes. Once an event has been received, classified and stored by Zenoss, automation may be required. Alerting users by email and pager is discussed, as are background actions to run commands or generate traps. Logging and debugging techniques are discussed in some details as is the JSON API for extracting data from Zenoss.

This paper refers to Zenoss Core 4.2.3

It is a companion text to the Skills 1st Zenoss 4 Event Management Workshop.

Complete paper

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Jane's Zenoss Core 4 Event Architecture presentation.

Hands-on Workshop

Jane's 3-day Zenoss Event Management Workshop has been extensively updated for Zenoss Core 4. It is available as a live online class, and can also be taught at your own location.

See also Jane Curry's list of papers.