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Zenoss 4 Event Management Workshop

This 3-day workshop covers the architecture and configuration of the Zenoss event management system. Based on examples from Jane Curry's Event Management for Zenoss Core 4 paper, the course has a very high practical content. Students will learn through hands-on exercises: each has direct access to an individual Zenoss installation and emulated network.

The workshop was updated extensively in 2013 to cover the new events architecture in Zenoss Core 4.


This is an advanced class, so students should have at least an overview knowledge of Zenoss.

A basic understanding of IP networking is required.

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Course fee: £1200 (+VAT where applicable) per student, for courses at our Maidenhead training centre or delivered online.
Please contact office@skills-1st.co.uk or call +44 1628 782565 to book your place.

This course can also be delivered at your own site: please contact us to discuss dates and price.

Prerequisites for online classes

Presentations and exercises will take place on cloud-based machines. Delegates need access to a system that has:

Some corporate networks block tools like Skype and VNC, so it is important to check this in advance. Most home broadband connections are usable without major problems.