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        Directory Technologies

This page points the reader to pages providing information on the various technologies being used in the implementation of electronic directory services, as well as information on current X.500/LDAP products and vendors.


Some useful X.500 links are provided and maintained by Colin Robbins at Nexor.

A good article by Tim Howes, co-author of the LDAP specification.

Bath University in the UK provide and maintain a page containing pointers to various X.500-related sources of information.

LDAP FAQ This page is designed to be a road map for bringing oneself up to speed on X.500 & LDAP and is a sort of framework of a tutorial/bibliography.

A Layman's Guide to a Subset of ASN.1, BER, and DER is available, in postscript format, from RSA Labs (written in support of RSA's Public Key Cryptography package). Other formats are available in adjacent subdirectories.

LDAP World at Innosoft provides current information on the status of the LDAP specifications, availability of LDAP products, and deployment of LDAP-based directories. It is a free and unsupported service provided to the Internet community by Innosoft

The draft X.500 1997 standard and parts of the published 1993 standard are mirrored in the DANTE document store.

LDAP at NeXor including a MAPI address book provider.

Some of the papers written by Brunel's X.500 group are on the web.

X.500 take off - the facts! - a paper by Roger Molesworth of Logica. It appeared in EEMA Briefing, the official journal of the European Messaging Association, May/June 1996 issue.

Products and Vendors

The X.500 group at Brunel have produced Directory User Interfaces for a range of platforms.

A number of other X.500 products and vendors are listed in the online catalogue produced by the IETF.

Last update: May 2000