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OpenLDAP Workshop

A 3-day hands-on training course covering LDAP and OpenLDAP from the ground up: everything you need to know to administer OpenLDAP installations from the smallest up to a million or more entries.

Course Outline



Andrew Findlay has taught LDAP courses across Europe since 2003. He has been involved in Directory Services since 1988, and has written a number of influential papers on directory design.


The workshop is offered either as a face-to-face class at our training location in Maidenhead UK, or on your own site, or it can be provided as an instructor-led online class. Both forms use the same material and exercises and are fully supported by the instructor.

No previous knowledge of LDAP is needed.

Prerequisites for face-to-face

Delegates should bring a laptop PC to use for the exercises. It needs:

If you do not have a suitable laptop, please contact us in good time to arrange a hired machine. (Maidenhead courses only).

Prerequisites for remote delivery

Presentations and exercises will take place on cloud-based machines. Delegates need access to a system that has:


The course is available immediately. Contact office@skills-1st.co.uk or call +44 1628 782565 to book your place.

Course fee: £1200 (+VAT where applicable)