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Tivoli Directory Integrator v7 Workshop

Learn to build and debug directory synchronisation solutions using TDI.

Learn how to use TDI as an adaptor between different protocols.

TDI is a very flexible toolkit for moving data from one system to another, cleaning and re-formatting it on the way. You can build directory synchronisation systems, format converters, and even put LDAP or SNMP interfaces onto existing relational databases. The latest version of TDI uses the Eclipse development environment, and it runs on almost every operating-system on the market.

This 3-day workshop-based training course will take you rapidly through the steep part of the learning curve so that you can build useful solutions straight away. The exercises use TDI 7.1. The differences from TDI 7.0 and earlier versions will also be discussed where appropriate.

Course Outline



Andrew Findlay has taught both Directory Integrator and Directory Server courses across Europe since 2003. He has been involved in Directory Services since 1988, and has written a number of influential papers on directory design.

Prerequisites for classroom course

It is useful to have a basic understanding of databases and directories. Programming experience is highly desirable.

Delegates should bring a laptop PC to use for the exercises. It needs:

The laptop can run any operating system that will support VMware.

If you do not have a suitable laptop, please contact us in good time to arrange a hired machine. (Maidenhead courses only).

Prerequisites for remote delivery

Presentations and exercises will take place on cloud-based machines. Delegates need access to a system that has:

Course Dates

This course is scheduled on demand, and can be run on your own site, online, or at our training location in Maidenhead.

Course Fee

The cost per delegate is £1200 (plus VAT where appropriate) for online courses and those run at our training location in Maidenhead.

Fees for on-site courses depend on the location: please contact office@skills-1st.co.uk or call +44 1628 782565 to discuss your requirements.

Accommodation and Travel