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Zenoss Introduction and FastStart Workshop

With Zenoss you can monitor all your servers and network devices:

Zenoss has a web interface so you can use it from anywhere. It uses industry-standard protocols like SNMP so it can monitor almost anything - Windows, Linux, Cisco, HP and more. There is an extension mechanism so it can adapt to new requirements.

The core functionality is available free of charge so you can get started with no risk. A fully-supported commercial version is available for Enterprise deployments. Zenoss is an excellent replacement for products like IBM NetView, HP Openview Node Manager, and Nagios.

The purpose of this workshop is to get delegates started with Zenoss. The product will be installed and the main functions of Zenoss will be explored through a series of practical exercises, using a combination of real and virtual devices.

No previous knowledge of Zenoss is needed. By the end of the workshop, participants should have a working Zenoss installation with basic customisation and an appreciation of how to further customise for their own environment.


The workshop is offered either as a face-to-face class at our training location in Maidenhead UK, or on your own site, or it is delivered as a remote internet-delivered class. Both use the same material and exercises and are fully supported by the instructor.

Prerequisites for face-to-face

Delegates should bring a laptop PC to use for the exercises. It needs:

All exercises will be done using an emulated network, so there is no need to connect the laptop to any other network or to the Internet.

If you do not have a suitable laptop, please contact us in good time to arrange a hired machine. (Maidenhead courses only).

Prerequisites for remote delivery

Presentations and exercises will take place on cloud-based machines. Delegates need access to a system that has:

A basic undertanding of IP networking is useful.


Course fee: £400 (+VAT where applicable) per student, for courses at our Maidenhead training centre or delivered online.
Please contact office@skills-1st.co.uk or call +44 1628 782565 to book your place.

This course can also be delivered at your own site: please contact us to discuss dates and price.

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