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Install Zenpack in Dev mode for Zenoss 5/6?

Subject: Install Zenpack in Dev mode for Zenoss 5/6?
Author: Andy Fleming
Posted: 2018-01-22 17:09

So this is likely documented somewhere, but I seem to be missing it.  I've got some simple zenpacks I've been building via the GUI to include things like templates, device classes, mibs, etc.  It seems I have to uninstall them to update my test instance from 6.0.1 to 6.1.0.  

Sooooo, how do I re-install them in developer mode again afterwords?  I created them with the "serviced service run zope zenpack-manager create ....." command and can export and download them, but I don't see an install in developer mode option for installing them.  

[root@zsd-master ~]# serviced service run zope zenpack-manager help
time="2018-01-22T21:58:26Z" level=info msg="Loaded delegate keys from file" keyfile="/etc/serviced/delegate.keys" location="localkeys.go:320" logger=auth
zenpack-manager install <zenpack_egg_relpath>
zenpack-manager link <zenpack_egg_relpath>
zenpack-manager create <zenpack_name>
zenpack-manager restore
zenpack-manager uninstall <zenpack_name>

All the documents I have run across so far are for "pre 5" installs before it all got dockerized.  What am I missing?

Andy Fleming
KanREN - Kansas Research and Education Network

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