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Maint window integration with autosys/close existing device events at end of mai ...

Subject: Maint window integration with autosys/close existing device events at end of maint window
Author: [Not Specified]
Posted: 2014-11-18 06:56

1. Has anyone integrated creation of temporary maintenance windows into a job scheduler like Autosys

How did you do it I am thinking that the easiest way to do this will be to install the Autosys job executor on my Zenoss host, and write a script that will take the name of a device and a length of time as arguments. The script will use the JSON API to activate a maint window on the given device.

Caveats: Seems like maint windows can only start on :05 minute intervals so the script must calculate the next interval; if the next interval is really close to "now" (say, the script is called at 09:54:58) there is a danger that the script may take longer to execute and miss the window, so some care must be taken when choosing the "next" :05 minute interval. Any dependency on the maint window (e.g. rebooting the device) must take into account there could be 6-7 minutes before the maint window takes effect.

2. I'd like to close any open events for a device when its maint window ends.

Those events may be spurious, or if they aren't, their notification was suppressed during the maint window. Without having repeat notifications enabled, or an operator closing the events manually, or receiving a clear event, I'm concerned that an alert would never be sent out for a event condition that arose during the window and was still in effect when the window ends. I don't want the help desk to have to figure out what events need closing and have to do it along with the end of a maint window.

One way I see to do this, is to trigger "something" on the "Maintenance window stopping" event - but:

a. This maint window may not directly correlate with a device, it might have been on a location or group...; I'd have to figure out what device were covered by the maint window;

b. If the maint window was longer than the Event Aging Threshold, the "Maintenance window starting" event has already auto-aged, and thus the stopping event gets dropped. An aged event is not updated by a corresponding clear.

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