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Skills 1st at LOADAYS 2011

We will be presenting short versions of two of our courses at the Linux Open Administration Days 16-17 April in Antwerp. LOADAYS is a free event with some excellent sessions and tutorials.

Zenoss Tutorial

Presented by Jane Curry

Zenoss is an open source systems and network management offering. This 2-hour tutorial uses material drawn from our full-day Zenoss workshop, giving attendees the opportunity to run Zenoss to:

We will provide access to cloud-based systems with Zenoss already installed. Each system will have an emulated network for you to explore.

Students will need their own laptop with network access and VNC client installed.

LDAP Workshop for Linux Admins

Presented by Andrew Findlay

With LDAP you can centralise the storage of all passwd, group, and mail-routing information in your network. At the same time you can get better control of who can login where, and provide better protection for sensitive data.

In this 2-hour tutorial you will learn the basics of LDAP, build a resilient LDAP infrastructure, load it with user-account data, and configure Linux to use it for logins with NSS and PAM.

You will need a laptop computer with an Internet connection (LOADAYS provides WiFi and a few wired connections). You will be working with remote cloud machines using SSH, so make sure you have an ssh client loaded (for Windows this usually means PuTTY). Java would be useful as then you can load one of the GUI LDAP browsers locally. Alternatively you could use a VNC viewer to access the remote desktop.

If you want to reproduce the workshop environment at home, start with SLES 11.1 and add the workshop kit files. Any other recent Linux distro should work, but some of the details will be different so you will need to interpret and read the manuals rather more...