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Andrew Findlay

Curriculum Vitae

Full title Dr Andrew Findlay BSc PhD MIET CEng
Address 2 Cedar Chase
Office telephone 01628 782565
E-Mail andrew.findlay@skills-1st.co.uk
Web www.andrew.findlay.org



As an independent consultant, I have worked on projects for many customers, including:

Before becoming a consultant in 2000, I was responsible for the design and development of the integrated computing environment at Brunel University. This serviced the core IT needs of 18,000 staff and students, allowing them to work at any of the 4,000 workstations spread across four sites. Service availability was typically 99.95% using commodity servers, and the management procedures ensured that most hardware and software upgrades were performed with no user impact at all.

Alongside my work for the Computing Service, I managed a Directory Services Research & Development group, which attracted £0.5M funding from industry, UK Government, and the European Commission. Technology developed by this group was licensed to software houses and appeared in several commercial products.

Professional activities and development

I joined both the IEE (now IET) and the IERE as a student, and was soon elected to a number of committees and working groups. I have served as chairman of IEE Professional Group C14 (Information Technology) and also of the IET Thames Valley Specialised Section for Electronics Communication Computing and Control (EC3).

I have organised many conferences and colloquia for the IET, IERE, UKUUG, UCISA and EurOpen. Highlights include the EurOpen 1991 conference in Budapest, the 1998 UK LISA (Large Installations Systems Administration) conference in London and the 2015 International LDAP Conference (LDAPCon) in Edinburgh. I am on the Programme Committee for the 2017 LDAP conference in Brussels.

I have presented papers on Systems Management and Directory Services topics at many conferences and colloquia.

Other skills and interests

Very good written English and presentation skills.

Carpentry, domestic wiring, electronics design and build, pipefitting, bricklaying, boat-handling.

Standard UK driving licence.

Keen hillwalker and photographer: sample images are on my website.

Co-organiser of the London Barndance Company dance series.

Academic qualifications

Degree BSc First Class Honours Cybernetics and Control Engineering with Subsidiary Mathematics, Reading University, June 1980
Higher Degree PhD Thesis title: A Cybernetic Approach to the Robot Design Process, Reading University, June 1987

Professional qualifications


Employment record

SERC research studentship, Sept 1980 - Sept 1983

Lecturer in Special Engineering, Brunel University, Sept 1983 to October 1990

Head of Networking and Systems, Brunel University Computing Services, October 1990 to November 2000

Consultant, Skills 1st Ltd, December 2000 to date.

Sample publications

“Fundamentals of computer systems”, Findlay, A.J., pp 42-45, Proceedings of the Watt Committee on Energy, Report No. 10, September 1981.

“An angular position indicator”, Findlay, A.J., British Patent Application No. 8300834, January 1983.

“A rotary absolute angle transducer”, Findlay, A.J., J.Phys.E, Vol 17, 1984

“The Home-Directory Mail System”, Findlay, A.J., Newsletter of the European Unix Users Group, 1988

“Designing an X.500 User Interface: The Early Stages”, Findlay, A.J. and Mahl, D.S., Proceedings of UKUUG winter technical conference, Cardiff, 1989.

“Setting Up an X.500 Directory Service”, Findlay, A.J., Proceedings of the EurOpen conference, Nice, 1990

“Command-name pollution (and how to avoid it)” Findlay, A.J., Proceedings of the UKUUG Winter Technical Conference, Cardiff, 1990

“Multi-Level Storage: a User's Tale”, Findlay, A.J., Proceedings of UKUUG Large Installations Systems Administration workshop, London, 1994.

“The Multi-Media Telephone: Directory service and session control for multi-media communications”, Proceedings of IEEE SDNE96 Conference, Macau, 1996.

“EuroView Service Design”, Bonacker, K. H., Findlay, A. J., and Mahl, D. S., EuroView Project, Dortmund, May 1997.

“Implementing an Organisational Directory Service”, Findlay, A. J., Ktenidis, K., and Mahl, D. S., EuroView Project, Uxbridge, 1998.

“Towards Open Source Secure Single Sign-On”, Netproject Open Source Conference, London, 1999.

“Security with LDAP”, UKUUG Winter Conference, London, Feb 2002.

“The IDA Open Source Migration Guidelines”, by Netproject for the European Commission, Sept 2003.

“LDAP Schema Design”, UKUUG Winter Technical Conference, Birmingham, Feb 2005.

“LDAP Workshop”, tutorial session at UKUUG Spring Conference, Durham, March 2006.

“Writing Access Control Policies for LDAP”, UKUUG Conference, London, Mar 2009.

“OpenLDAP for Linux in 2 Hours”, LOADays Conference, Antwerp, April 2011.

“Best Practices in LDAP Security”, LDAPCon2011, Heidelberg, October 2011.

“LDAP for Linux Admins” - half day workshop, FLOSSUK Conference, Brighton, March 2014.

Other publications are referenced from my web-site.